Scorching sun, Salty breezes and Sweaty sleepless nights.

Summer is nearly upon us lads and ladies and this means tanning, margaritas and alfresco dinning BUT it also means a lot of scorching sun, salty br

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eezes and sweaty sleepless nights.  All these factors can play some serious havoc on our tresses.  Just like our bodies, hair needs to be kept hydrated as much as possible too. Now I am not talking about constantly drowning your locks in water, you need to add a little extra something something to your hair care routine. I recommended getting your mitts on a hydrating moisture mask, one of my favs from the EVO range is the Great Hydrator…it does exactly that! It keeps your hair smooth and manageable by reducing frizz and enhancing shine. Please stop me if I start sounding like a L’oreal commercial. But it’s not just about what you put on your hair but what you put in your body that will help you achieve the Gisele Bunchen hair effect. Here’s a few natural tips that help your hair be at its most fabulous.

  1. Make sure you eat a well balanced diet packed with fatty acids and silica.  You can find the best fats in oily fish, avocados and olives. Silica is great to help strengthen your hair and keep it dog show shiny. Great sources of natural silica can be found in potatoes, cucumber and asparagus.
  2. This is one might be hard for a few of you but try and minimise how often you wash your hair. Constant washing can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it dry and frizzy. Take a swim in the ocean and leave your to dry naturally for those crunchy gorgeous summer waves. Or if you want to fake til you make it get your hands on some EVO salty dog spray, turn your head upside down and shake it baby.
  3. Drink LOADS of water. Yes it might have you running to the ladies a few more times than normal but all that hydration is going to leave your hair and skin looking as plump as a 16 year old’s.


So there you have it, my tips on how to have the most banging summer hair.


Love Telle

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