It’s all about the Braid

When I think of braids, I’m taken back to a childhood movie that was a favourite of mine, and one scene in particular. Featuring Rachel Griffiths and an amazing braided masterpiece, which was created during the concluding moments of the movie ‘Blow Dry’.

Rachel Griffiths, Braid, Briads, Living Art, Costume Rachel Griffiths, Braid, Briads, Living Art, Costume , Inpiration, hairRachel Griffiths, Braid, Briads, Living Art, Costume , Inpiration, hair

Simply Breathtaking! Showcasing how braids can be used to create avant-garde and couture hair styles.  But let’s face it, who in their right mind would wear this hair to any event. I know none of my girlfriends would ever consider it, even though I may have experimented and played with their hair to create something as equally spectacular over the many, many, many……  years of my career.

This brings us back to braids themselves. These marvellous hair creations can be used for many reason, whether you want to stretch out ‘hair washing day’, hide that unsightly regrowth, and an additional flare to your corporate look, or party up your hair for a night out on the town.  How can you do that you might ask?

It’s actually very easy, once you know how. You can always ask any of the girls at Telleish Hair Studio for some advice or to do it for you. Otherwise, once you get the grasp of the basics of braiding you can do anything. We recommend that you begin your adventure with perfecting a basic braided pony tail first.

  Nicole Richi, Beach Wave, Beach Wave Blow Dry, hair Style, Weekend Hair, Braid, Braid hairband, Sunglasses Jenifewr Aniston, Braid, Braid Hairband, Hairband, Natural Blow Dry, Colour, Nautral Blonde, Golden HuesPerry Edwards, Curls, Ruby Lips, Blonde, Braid, Braid Headband, Fabulous

From here you can really start to play around with how you style your hair with braids. One of the most popular styles we have seen around in recent time, whether it is on the red carpet sported by celebrities or out on a Saturday night is the braid head band. To create this look all you have to do is take a section of hair from above one of your ears (usually you would start about 1cm above the hairline near your ear, letting that hair fall down naturally) and repeat the steps you used to create the ponytail braid but from the root of your hair. Once you have finished your braid, sweep it across the top of your head, you can use fringe/ripple pins to hold the braid hair band in place if you need to across the top of your head, and secure it in pace behind your opposite ear. Style the rest of your hair how you would like to, whether it be curled with a Cloud 9 stick, straightened or left natural.

The styling options are boundless. This is only our first thought on braids in your hair at Telleish Hair Studio, stay tuned for more. You can even leave us a comment to let us know what you would like to know more about.

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  1. New customer. Thank you Pam.. LOVE my new look. So, so happy. You are amazing!!!

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