Melbourne’s Best Blonde Colorists

We’ve all been there. What starts as an innocent trip to the hairdresser for a new ‘do can often end in tears when you realise that the end result is SO not what you’re after. Mind you, that’s for any old cut and colour – as any golden girl will attest, the pressure is so much more intense when you’re dealing with blonde tresses!

Going blonde, or generally maintaining blonde hair, is no easy feat and it’s sure as hell not the time for trial and error. Let’s be honest – you want to walk out of the hair salon with the perfect blonde for your skin tone, a blonde so good that people will stop and ask you where you got it done. More Blake Lively, Sienna Miller and Cameron Diaz, less Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera in her god-awful Dirrty days.

Telleish Hair Studio – Port Melbourne Like moths to a flame, the women of Port Melbourne flock to Telleish Hair Studio. Why you ask? Because these women have all clued on to the fact that Hannah at Telleish is one of Melbourne’s best blonde colourists. The secret to Hannah’s success lies in her considered approach and application style; she takes the time to craft juuust the right blonde for each client. Oh and a confident attitude doesn’t hurt either. “I strongly believe that you can have any blonde colour you want, as long as you have the confidence in yourself to own it!” – See more at:


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  1. Hi, can I pop in anytime for a consulation please? I moved to Australia from the UK in April and Im desperate to find a good blond colourist (had no luck yet!)


  2. Telleish

    We always prefer our blonde clients who have had a hard time getting the right colour to pop in for a 15 minute consultation, this allows for the correct quote to be applied to the right sequence of styling required.

  3. Hi, can I ask how much for full head of foils and a trim? My hair is blonde atm is warm and yellow :( I’ve been trying to achieve a clean creamy blonde for about a year going to salon to salon with no luck :( my hair is just past shoulders :) appreciate any advice and would love to come see you guys thanks!

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