Who is Mister Telleish?

  • He’s the surfer who doesn’t get a haircut until his mistaken for a girl….(Awkward)
  • He’s the rugged tradie with the full time shadow who uses concrete dust as his hair product!
  • He’s the dad that takes his kids to get a haircut but cuts his own hair? (get with it daddio)
  • He’s the guy that denies using his girlfriends’ conditioner even though he smells like strawberries… (Lol c’mon really?)
  • He dresses to impress because that’s what he heard somewhere, and secretly loves the attention his well-groomed locks get him.
  • He wears a watch to find the time even though his cell phone in his pocket is perfectly suitable for the task.
  • He chooses professional grade products even though it’s placed next to the cheap stuff in the store.
  • He spends an extra 3 minutes “or so he says” grooming his hair into just the right place.
  • He’s Bold. He’s Professional. He’s the Man. He’s the Telleish Man.

a man and his mane

With cool tunes, a laid back atmosphere and a chilled beer in your hands our chairs are the perfect

Spot to sit back and let our stylists give any dude a new do’
Whether it is a thrift shop style like the man himself Macklemore or maybe you’re going for the Gatsby?
We will be sure to have you styled down to the T.



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